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Web Marketing : Facebook Timeline for Businesses

NOTE: On March 30, 2012, Facebook updated all business pages to the new Timeline page format. Contact us for help in getting your page adapted to the new format.

Things to Know about the new Timeline format

  • Cover Photo: You now have the option of having a Cover Photo, which is a wide photo displayed at the top of each page.
  • Profile Picture: The profile picture is now located in a small outlined box on top of the Cover Photo
  • Your status updates are organized into a chronological sequence, latest at the top, in two columns.
  • Custom Page Tabs: Right below the Cover Photo are your Page Tabs.
    • Photos: 1st tab. Facebook places this one there automatically and you cannot change or move it. It will display a thumbnail of your most recent added photo.
    • Map: This tab will display for a business page designated as a "local business". The map tab will only display if your Facebook address matches your Bing Places address exactly.
    • Likes: Facebook adds this tab automatically. It shows the current number of people who Like your page.
    • Other Custom tabs: You may create other custom tabs to engage your audience. When clicked on, the custom tab will go to a new page that you create. The new page could promote your website or whatever you wish.
  • Highlight a Post: From the Admin Panel, you may hover over a post and click the star icon. That will "highlight" the post, which makes it display across the 2 columns.
  • Pin a Post: From the Admin Panel, you may hover over a post and click the pencil icon. Then select "Pin to Top". That will keep the post at the top of the page for 7 days.
  • You may either Highlight or Pin a post, not both.

Need help converting your business page to Timeline or need a new business page set up?

We'd love to help. Our graphic designer is available to create any artwork needed for your business page. We can also design and create custom page tabs to engage your visitors. We'll create a business account for you and fill in all the pieces to give you a professional look. Once your page is created, we can help add widgets to your website to help you share your Facebook with your customers.

Would your business benefit from advertising on Facebook?

Look over in the right column in Facebook. You'll see the word Sponsored with a few ads below it. Those are Facebook Sponsored ads (aka display ads). We can help you get started advertising on Facebook. The exciting feature about Facebook ads is that you have great opportunities to target your ads to only display for specific demographics. For example, you can set up an ad to only display for females, of a certain age, in a certain city. Would that be a great advertising tool for your business?

Sample Facebook Business Pages

Here are some examples of Facebook business pages. All of these have been converted to the new Timeline format. The first three have cover images that were developed by Illuma Solutions and Krafft Design.

Contact Us for help with Facebook Business Pages

Please contact us to discuss your specific goals and needs and request a free quote.