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Below you will find a list of resources that you may find helpful. We may link to a 3rd party website for information sharing.  Please recognize that the web is constantly changing--we apologize for any inconvenience caused by bad links or out-dated content.

How to protect yourself from "phishing" (i.e. malicious attempts to steal your credit card number, SSN, and other sensitive information)
The Google Security Team has put together some valuable information to help consumers stay safe online and not get "hooked". Read Google Blog anti-phishing article, published 4/29/08. If you receive a phishing email, please report it to Google by completing the Report Phishing Form: available here. If you receive a phishing email related to PayPal, you can report that to spoof@paypal.com. PayPal has security tips that you can access by clicking on "Security Center" from any PayPal.com page. You may also receive phishing emails or direct U.S. mail attempting to steal your domain name. Be aware of the name of the company that is your domain registrar and only respond to renewal notices directly from them. Others are most likely an attempt to steal control of your domain registration or to get you to switch to a higher cost registrar.
Got Spam?
It is most likely impossible to eliminate all email spam, but there are steps you can take to reduce it to a tolerable threshold. Spam filters have evolved to the point where the majority of spam should never hit your inbox. Contact us if you need help. If you recognize an email to be spam, DON'T OPEN IT! When you open the email you have confirmed that you are a live email address to the spammer, and that will surely lead to more spam!
What is a Google, anyway?
Google is a play on the word googol, which refers to the number represented by the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros. That's big, just like Google.  Google, the world's most popular search engine, was born in 1998.  They now serve millions of visitors every day. Google is one of the most popular sites on the Internet and they've indexed billions of web pages.

Looking to update your logo or business cards?
Look no further. Try Krafft Design.  Krafft Design is a full-service graphic design company that does all the graphic design work for Illuma Solutions. Your new logo will be provided to you in all the standard industry image file formats.
How to Send a text message to a phone from your Email Account
You can send text messages to phones for free from your email account. All you need to know is the actual email address for the recipient, which varies by phone provider.
Text Messaging Abbreviations & Text Messaging Shortcuts (BTW, IDK why I created this)
Creative Fonts
Chank Diesel, fellow Minnesotan, crafts fonts for a living. View his story. View the most common web fonts. View Google Web fonts.
What Time Is It?
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) has been measured from the Royal Observatory in Greenwich since 1884. The time for our planet Earth is all based on displacements to GMT. Synchronize your clock to GMT and be on time today!
Download FileZilla
Free FTP Client software used to copy files to/from a server.
Convert long URLs to short URLs
Don't you hate when you try to paste a really long URL into an email and the link breaks because it wraps onto the 2nd line? Try TinyURL. It lets you create a short URL that will map to your original long version. Very handy. TinyURL's creator, Kevin Gilbertson of Blaine, MN, was featured in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on July 8, 2008. Read full article.
Download FireFox
The free alternative to Internet Explorer.
GoDaddy - Domain Registration Services
The largest ICANN-accredited domain name registrar on the planet.
Free Bandwidth Speed Test by COMCAST
Free Bandwidth Speed Test by PC Pitstop
Free Bandwidth Speed Test by Speakeasy
Find out the IP Address for a computer
Instructions for setting up POP3 email account in Outlook
Send files that are too large for email with YouSendIt.com
Free Readers for popular office software
These are handy when associates send you electronic documents that you need to read, but don't own the software that created the document.

Adobe Acrobat Reader
Microsoft Word Viewer
Microsoft Excel Viewer
Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer
Adobe QuickTime Player
Real Player

Get RGB Values for colors
Steps To Create A Website
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