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Web Marketing : Keyword Analysis

What's on your web audience's minds?

Keyword Analysis is the first step toward connecting with your audience on the web. It's important to understand the words and phrases used in search engines to find your market niche. And it is absolutely critical for your website or advertising campaigns to closely match the words of the searchers in order for them to find you. Your ability to "Be Seen On The Web" depends upon the quality of your keyword research.

Keyword Analysis can help you to:

  • Bring more traffic to your website
  • Learn what people are searching for, so you can add that content to your web pages
  • Identify & develop new brands, products or entire market niches (both for online & offline markets)
  • Spot new trends ahead of the competition
  • Identify great new domain names
  • Learn more about the specific problems that searchers are trying to solve
  • Inspire you to think more creatively about your niche

How does keyword analysis work?

We begin with a starter list of words & phrases that you provide to describe your business/market. We break these down into specific topics areas (niches). For example, a dentist may have topic areas such as "teeth whitening", "orthodontics", "braces", etc. Then Illuma Solutions will perform research/analysis to identify all the best keywords (ideally, high traffic & low competition) for the topic areas and present our findings to you in a summarized report. The next step is to prioritize the keywords and optimize your website or Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns for the targeted keywords.

Contact us for Professional Keyword Analysis Services

Illuma Solutions can help you build and manage your web visibility. It all starts with keyword analysis. Please contact us to discuss your situation and request a free quote.

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