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Text Messaging Abbreviations & Shortcuts

Here's a list of over 350 popular SMS (short message service) text message abbreviations or text message symbols used to reduce typing when you are messaging on your cell phone, SmartPhone (iPhone, Samsung, Android, etc.), or on your computer keyboard. Some may call it "internet slang" or a form of "leet".

You might also be interested in a list of popular smileys or emoticons to add to your email or text messages. You can also learn here about Emoji, which are small picture letters/icons that can be added to messages on the iPhone, Android or Windows SmartPhones. Please send me an email and let me know of any good text abbreviations that I've missed. THX.

143 or 459 - I Love You

2MORO - Tomorrow

2NITE - Tonight

411 - Information

420 - Marijuana

AAF - As A Friend

AAK - Asleep At Keyboard OR Alive And Kicking

AAMOF - As a matter of fact

AAP - Always A Pleasure

AAR8 - At Any Rate

AAYF - Always Your Friend

ABT - About

ACC - Anyone Can Come

ADAD - Another Day, Another Dollar

ADN - Any Day Now

AF - As F***

AFAIAA - As Far As I Am Aware

AFAIC - As Far As I'm Concerned

AFAIK - As Far As I Know

AIGHT - Alright

AKA - Also Known As

AM - Morning

AMA - Ask Me Anything

AML - All My Love

ASAP - As Soon As Possible

ATM - At The Moment

ATYS - Anything You Say

AWA - As Well As

AWC - After Awhile Crocodile

B4 - Before

B4N - Bye For Now

BAU - Business As Usual

BBL - Be Back Later

BBS - Be Back Soon

BC or B/C - Because

BCNU - Be Seein' You

BD - Big Deal

BDAY - Birthday

BEG - Big Evil Grin

BF - Boyfriend

BFF - Best Friends Forever

BFN - Bye For Now

BIF - Before I Forget

BIL - Brother In Law

BLNT - Better Luck Next Time

BMG - Be My Guest

BOMB - Black Owned Makeup Brands

BR - Best Regards

BRB - Be Right Back

BRO - Brother

BSS - Beauty Supply Store

BTA - But Then Again

BTDT - Been There, Done That

BTFL - Beautiful

BTFO - Back The F*** Off

BTFU - Back The F*** Up

BTW - By The Way

BTWN - Between

BWDIK - But What Do I Know

BYTM - Better You Than Me

C-P - Sleepy

CD9 - Code 9: Parents Nearby

CHGR - Charger

CHK - Check

CID - Consider It Done

CMIIW - Correct Me If I'm Wrong

COS - Change Of Subject

CRB - Come Right Back

CSL - Can't Stop Laughing

CTFU - Cracking The F*** Up

CU - See You

CUL or CUL8R - See You Later

CUS - See You Soon

CUZ - Because

CWOT - Complete Waste Of Time

CYA - Cover Your A**

CYE - Check Your E-mail

DEF - Definitely

DFL - Dying F***ing Laughing

DFO - Done Fell Out

DIIK - Darned If I Know

DINK - Double Income No Kids

DIY - Do It Yourself

DKDC - Don't Know, Don't Care

DQMOT - Don't Quote Me On This

DTRT - Do The Right Thing

DUCWIM - Do You See What I Mean?

DW - Don't Worry

DWBH - Don't Worry, Be Happy :O)

DWF - Divorced White Female

DWM - Divorced White Male

DWNLD - Download

DWNTN - Downtown

DYFI - Did You Find It?

E2EG - Ear To Ear Grin

EOD - End Of Discussion

EOL - End Of Life

EOM - End Of Message

EOR - End Of Rant

ETA - Estimated Time Of Arrival

EZ - Easy

F2F - Face To Face

F2T - Free To Talk?

FAM - Family

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FB - Facebook

FBM - Fine By Me

FBOW - For Better Or Worse

FCOL - For Crying Out Loud

FIMH - Forever In My Heart

FITB - Fill In The Blank

FML - F*** My Life

FOAF - Friend Of A Friend

FOFL - Falling On The Floor Laughing

FOMCL - Falling Off My Chair Laughing

FRFR - For Real For Real

FTW - For The Win

FUBAR - Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition

FUNE - Funeral

FWD - Forward

FWIW - For What It's Worth

FYEO - For Your Eyes Only

FYI - For Your Information

G2CU - Good To See You

G2G - Got To Go

G2R - Got To Run

GAC - Get A Clue

GAL - Get A Life

GB - Goodbye

GBTW - Get Back To Work

GBU - God Bless You

GD - Good

GF - Girlfriend

GGN - Gotta Go Now

GI - Good Idea

GIWIST - Gee, I Wish I Said That

GJ - Good Job

GL - Good Luck

GM - Good Morning

GMTA - Great Minds Think Alike

GNT - Good Night

GOL - Giggle Out Loud

GR8 - Great

GTG - Got To Go

GRWM - Get Ready With Me

H8 - Hate

H/O - Hold On

HAGN - Have A Good Night

HAGO - Have A Good One

HAK - Hugs And Kisses

HAND - Have A Nice Day

HBD - Happy Birthday

HBU - How About You?

HH - Ha-ha or Happy Hour

HHIS - Hanging Head In Shame

HML - Hate My Life

HMU - Hit Me Up

HNY - Happy New Year

HO - Hold On

HOAS - Hold On A Second

HRU - How Are You?

HTB - Heavens To Betsy (for the older crowd)

HTH - Hope This Helps

IAC - In Any Case

IAE - In Any Event

IC - I See

ICBW - It Could Be Worse

IDC - I Don't Care

IDGAF - I Don't Give A Fuck

IDGI - I Don't Get It

IDK - I Don't Know

IDM - It Doesn't Matter

IDTS - I Don't Think So

IG - Instagram

IIRC - If I Remember Correctly

IK - I Know

IKTR - I Know That's Right

IKR - I Know, Right

ILY - I Love You

IMHO - In My Humble Opinion

IMLTHO - In My Less Than Humble Opinion

IMO - In My Opinion

IMPOV - In My Point Of View

IMU - I Miss You

IOW - In Other Words

IRL - In Real Life

JIC - Just In Case

JK or J/K - Just Kidding

JLMK - Just Let Me Know

JMO - Just My Opinion

JP - Just Playing

JT or J/T - Just Teasing

JTLYK - Just To Let You Know

JW - Just Wondering

K - Okay

KIS - Keep It Simple

KIT - Keep In Touch

KMP - Keep Me Posted

KOTL - Kiss On The Lips

KOW - Knock On Wood

KWIM - Know What I Mean?

L8 - Late

L8R - Later

L8RG8R - Later, Gator

LBAY - Laughing Back At You

LBH - Let's Be Honest

LBS - Laughing But Seriously

LLTA - Lots and Lots of Thunderous Applause

LMIRL - Let's Meet In Real Life

LMK - Let Me Know

LOL - Laughing Out Loud -or- Lots Of Laughs

LOLO - Lots Of Love

LMAO - Laughing My A** Off

LMBO - Laughing My Butt Off

LML - Love My Life

LQTM - Laughing Quietly To Myself

LTNS - Long Time No See

LUV - Love

LY2 - Love You Too

LYL - Love You Lots

LYLAB - Love You Like A Brother

LYLAS - Love You Like A SisterMANI - Manicure

MCM - Man Crush Monday

MIA - Missing In Action

MIRL - Meet In Real Life

MMA - Meet Me At

MMB - Message Me Back

MOO - My Own Opinion

MorF - Male or Female

MOS - Mom Over Shoulder

MSG - Message

MTFBWU - May The Force Be With You

MYOB - Mind Your Own Business

MUA - Makeup Artist

MUE - Makeup Enthusiasts

NALOPKT - Not A Lot Of People Know That

NBD - No Big Deal

NC - No Comment

NE - Any

NE1 - Anyone

NEWB - person who is new to something

NFS - Not For Sale

NM - Nothing Much

NM - Never Mind

NMH - Not Much Here

NMP - Not My Problem

NMU - Not Much, You?

NOOB or N00B - inferior person

NOYB - None Of Your Business

NP - No Problem

NRN - No Response Necessary

NS - Not S***

NSFW - Not Safe For Work

NUM - Number

NVM - Never Mind

NW - No Way

NWO - No Way Out

NYE - New Years Eve

O4U - Only For You

OAO - Over And Out

OBVI - Obviously

O RLY? - Oh, Really?

OG - Original Gangster

OIC - Oh, I See

OMDB - Over My Dead Body

OMG - Oh My Gosh -or- Oh My God -or- Oh My Goodness

OMW - On My Way

OOK - Oh Okay

OOTO - Out Of The Office

OT - Off Topic

OTOH - On The Other Hand

OTP - On The Phone

OTW - On The Way

OTTOMH - Off The Top Of My Head

OWTTE - Or Words To That Effect

OYO - On Your Own

P911 - Parent In Room

PAW - Parents Are Watching

PCM - Please Call Me

PDH - Pretty Darn Happy

PEDI - Pedicure

PIC - Picture

PIR - Parent In Room

PITA - Pain In The A**

PLS - Please

PLZ - Please

PLU - People Like Us

PM - Evening

POC - Point Of Contact

POS - Parent Over Shoulder

POV - Point Of View

PPL - People

PROLY - Probably

PRW - Parents Are Watching

PTMM - Please Tell Me More

Q - Question

QT - Cutie

RBTL - Read Between The Lines

RITE - Right or Write

ROFL - Rolling On the Floor Laughing

R - Are

RL - Real Life

RSN - Real Soon Now

RUOK? - Are You Okay?

S2R - Send To Receive

SC - Snapchat

SFETE - Smiling From Ear To Ear

SIS - Sister

SIT - Stay In Touch

SITD - Still In The Dark

SMH - Shaking My Head

SMS - Short Message Service

SOH - Sense Of Humor

SOMSW - Someone Over My Shoulder Watching

SOSDD - Same Old Stuff Different Day

SOS - S*** Out Of Luck

SOZ - Sorry

SRVC - Service

SRY - Sorry

SSDD - Same S***, Different Day

STFU - Shut The F*** Up

STR8 - Straight

SUP - What's Up?

SYS - See You Soon

TAFN - That's All For Now

TBA - To Be Announced

TBC - To Be Continued

TGBTG - To God Be The Glory

TBH - To Be Honest

TC - Take Care

TFF - Too Freaking Funny

TFW - That Feeling When

TGIF - Thank Goodness It's Friday

THX - Thanks -or- Thank you

TIA - Thanks In Advance

TIC - Tongue In Cheek

TISNF - That Is So Not Fair

TMB - Text Me Back

TMI - Too Much Information

TMRW - Tomorrow

TOTT - Think On These Things

TOY - Thinking Of You

TTFN - Ta-Ta For Now

TTYL - Talk To You Later

TTYT - Talk To You Tomorrow

TXT - Text

TXTD - Texted

TY - Thank You

U - You

U2 - You Too

UR - You Are -or- You're

VBG - Very Big Grin

VDAY - Valentines Day

W8 - Wait

W/ - With

W/E - Whatever

W/O - Without

WB - Welcome Back

WBS - Write back soon

WCW - Woman Crush Wednesday

WDYT - What Do You Think

WFM - Works For Me

WLCM - Welcome

WOLO - We Only Live Once

WRG - Wrong

WRU - Where Are You?

WTF - What The F***

WTG - Way To Go

WTH - What The Heck?

WTR - Water

WTVR - Whatever

WTW - What The What

WU - What's Up?

WYA - Where You At?

WYD - What You Doing?

WYGOWM - Will You Go Out With Me?

WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get

WYRN - What's Your Real Name?

XMAS - Christmas

XOXO - Hugs and Kisses

Y - Why

Y2 - You Too

YOLO - You Only Live Once

YRG - You Are Good

YT - YouTube

YT? - You There?

YW - You Are Welcome

ZZZ - Tired or bored

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