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Web Marketing : Online Reputation Management

Your story is being told on the internet...

Information about you or your company is stored all over the internet. Maybe on your webpages or somewhere else. Even without your knowledge or consent, others may be publishing words or images that reflect upon who you are and your reputation.

Then, one day someone Googles you and all that information is immediately at their fingertips.

You should be controlling the message.

In today's world, the internet is used heavily for background research. Applying for a job? You can bet that your new employer will screen you in Google. Planning a trip? You'd be wise to Google the name of the hotel to read the most recent reviews. Own a hotel? How does your hotel appear in the travel review websites?

You can sit back and let others craft your online story, or you can be proactive and control your web presence. We can help if you are a victim of negative information being shared about you on the internet.

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Illuma Solutions uses a variety of strategies to help establish and strengthen your online identity or brand, including popular tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook. Please contact us to discuss your situation and request a free quote.

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