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Web Marketing : Quick Response Codes (QR Codes)

What's a QR Code?

A QR Code (Quick Response Code) is a barcode that is placed on a product to allow electronic interactivity. The barcode may be placed virtually anywhere, as long as the barcode has a high-quality resolution to allow the scanner to interpret it.

Today, QR Codes are being used on billboards, tradeshow graphics, brochures, business cards, even stickers attached to fruit in the produce section of the grocery store (see below). They have many applications and today are being used more effectively for marketing, due to the increase in usage of SmartPhones.

How do QR Codes work?

The barcode is generated using web software. The barcode image is then incorporated into some product where it may be scanned. A SmartPhone with a downloaded barcode scanner application is aimed at the barcode and then the barcode is scanned and interpreted. The SmartPhone receives some directions and triggers an action.

QR Codes may be programmed to do a variety of actions. They may dial a phone number, redirect to a website, send an email, send a text message, create a vCard, plus more.

QR Codes in Action

QR Code on a banana sticker
QR Code with your Snack?
Remember fighting over who got the banana with the Chiquita sticker when you were a kid? Well, now you can fight over the QR Code sticker, too.

Kids like bananas, kids like Alvin and The Chipmunks... What could be better than encouraging them to download a ringtone from their snack?

QR Code on coffee cup
QR Code on a Coffee Cup
You use your phone when you're drinking your coffee, right? Scan this code off the cup holder.

It's great that they explain the intent of the QR Code and provide some instruction for access if you don't have a SmartPhone. Surprisingly, many companies neglect this.

QR Code on race bib
QR Code on a Race Bib
Love this one. Scan the code to get race results or register for next year's race.

You arrive home after the race, take off your race bib, then scan the code and find out how you did. Their landing page could also prompt you to like their Facebook page, post some race photos, etc.

QR Code on a banana sticker

Another Banana sticker...
Bananas seem to be the new social media tool. They must have great "ah-peel".

Download a Barcode Scanner

Here are a few places to download Barcode Scanners for your SmartPhone, iPad or iPod touch. All are free downloads.

Like to try it out?

QR Codes are a fun way to reach clients. We can help you get one set up. Please contact us to discuss ideas and request a free quote. We serve clients locally in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area along with clients across the U.S.

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