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Services : Steps to Create a Website

Let's Get Started!

The first step to creating a new website is to gather the following:

  • Site copy (you provide textual content or we write)
  • Logos (you provide or we design)
  • Other brand specific images (e.g. stock commercial images, you provide or we can find for you)
  • Company brochures, business cards
  • Company mission statement
  • Your "Unique Value Proposition", i.e. Why would a visitor want to have a relationship with your organization?
  • Description of target audience and/or marketplace for your website (who are they? e.g. age, gender, economic status, etc., along with what they need from you)
  • List of goals for your website, e.g. Generate leads, sales, inform, persuade, social networking, etc.
  • Identify the action you want a site visitor to take (e.g. buy a product, provide an email address, print & mail in a form, call you to discuss a future relationship, or simply be better informed)
  • Keyword analysis, i.e. what words will clients use to find you via a search engine? e.g. your company name, names of your products/services, name of problem you are trying to solve, company owner name, your geographic location, etc.
  • Create a list of competitor and/or partner websites, or niche-related websites. Use Google to search on top keywords that you think your clients will use to find you and check out the top listings. Look at the types of content that the top sites have on their websites. This will give you some good ideas for your site. Make a list of likes & dislikes about their sites.

As much of the above information as possible should be gathered before we begin creating your new website. It works well if you can provide the information electronically. You may want to create a word processing document with sections for each of the content areas for your site.

Overview of the Major Steps to Create a Website:

Analysis/Design Phase:

  1. Gather and Review customer information and requirements (see above list)
  2. Perform Keyword Analysis (optional, but critical if you desire top rankings in search engines)
  3. Create site layout (graphic design, navigation, content)

Construction Phase:

  1. Create web pages
  2. Test site

Implementation Phase:

  1. Setup web hosting & domain registrations (optional)
  2. Publish site to World Wide Web
  3. Register site with major search engines/directories (optional)
  4. Monitor search engine placement/site traffic/etc. (optional)
  5. Apply ongoing site maintenance, as needed (optional)

Once we are finished, we will present the following:

  • A professionally designed www.yourdomain.xyz web site
  • User Guide document
  • Search engine analysis/registrations (optional)
  • Web hosting setup w/ email accounts (yourname@yourdomain.xyz) (optional)
  • A snapshot of your system files and original artwork, taken at launch time, will be retained indefinitely. The files will be provided to you electronically upon your request.
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